Sean at Boone Radio StationWould you like to help take back control of our country? Would you like to help dramatically disrupt business as usual in D.C? Tired of feeling like there's nothing you can do?

Well, the only way we're going to make the needed disruption is by working together. It's impossible for me to do it alone - it just isn't going to happen. But working as a team we can!

Here are some ways you can help!

1. Make a donation! We need a lot of money for advertising, support personnel, to help fuel Nelson and even for food out on the road. Your financial support helps us keep pushing forward!

2. Buy How To Press America's Reset Button in bulk to give to others. We're able to offer it at the discounted price of $10 per book for orders of 10 or more. Just contact us and let us know how many copies you want!

3. Give the book to people you think should read it including talk show hosts you listen to on the radio or TV, heads of corporations, local religious leaders and community leaders. Let people know the book exists and they should read it! It's as simple as writing them a letter and mailing them the book!

4. Connect us to any media contacts you have so I can share my story and talk about the book. You can always reach me through our contact page.

5. Invite me to speak at your company or organization's event.

6. We've had a business card designed with the cover of the book on one side and information about the book on the other so you can get a set of the cards printed to hand out to people you meet that have interest in fixing America. It gives them something to hang on to and refer to when they get home and want to look the book up on the internet. Just email us and we'll send you the print-ready files.

7. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

8. Talk about the book, and my journey, on the net.

8. Register your email address with us so you can receive my daily updates right in your inbox. And then share them with your friends!

8. Sent a bulk email to your contacts with a link to where they can buy the book.

9. Post a review (assuming you like the book!) on Amazon , iTunes or other online sites where people buy books!

10. Give me and Nelson a wave and a honk when you see us out on the road! We love hearing from people!