The Book

How To Press America's Reset Button is 100% nonpartisan and all proceeds from the book go to Reset Our Gov.

Hailed as a handbook for the every-day citizen to better understand their power over their government, the book has received rave reviews by readers.

"I have often felt that my vote didn't matter and so sometimes didn't bother to head to the polls. Mr. Burke makes a compelling and simple argument about why we must all exercise our right to vote, and why and how our vote makes a difference. This November I will be pushing the reset button in the voting booth. I recommend you read this book to find out how you can too." - Smitty in LA (from Amazon)

This is an important book. If you’re an American even mildly unhappy with the way our Country is headed, you should read it. It doesn’t matter what political party you are affiliated with. It’s easy to read, very informative and shows how we CAN press America's reset button! - por music critic#212328876 (from iTunes)

"You ARE the master of your country. That's the lesson that I took from this book. We, collectively, as citizens, are the ultimate masters of our nation. It's about time we acted like it." - Keenan D. Little (from Amazon)

Recommend you read this and, if you like it the way I did, get involved by simply recommending the book to others. - por Teakettle 15 (from iTunes)

I liked this book very much. Especially page 21. Good sensible solution to reset our government. - Marti (from Amazon)


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