In The Zoo

Posted by Sean at 10:18 AM on Dec 13, 2015



35 down, 330 to go. Cedar Rapids and Des Moines.


Greetings from a torrential El Nino downpour in the parking lot of Walmart in Des Moines, Iowa.

I drove a few hours today so my story again has to do with the people that drove up along side me as I was moving down the interstate. Today 80% of those in the passenger seat were madly typing on their phones by the time they got even with me. One guy was using his legs to steer so he could type. Another guy almost crawled over into the passenger seat while he was driving to get a glimpse of me.

But one lady sitting in the passenger seat made me laugh out loud. She was probably in her mid-40's, blondish, fairly attractive, and was probably a mother as there were two kids in the back seat. As her car got even with me I glanced down, as I almost always do, and she had the most incredible look on her face. She was looking at me as one might look at a peculiar but interesting yet dangerous animal at the zoo. She was kind of curious about it all, and interested in what species I might be, but at the same time didn't want to get too close. Her face was frozen in this look as she stared at me while her car pulled slowly forward, the kids in the back reading books. She and I had a moment of communication, just an instant, and I couldn't help but laugh. Me, a species in a zoo - okay, well, it's a start!

Tomorrow in Des Moines.