Warm Cake

Posted by Sean at 9:46 PM on Dec 6, 2015



29 down, 336 to go. In Seattle.


What's better than a piece of warm cake with vanilla ice cream? My wife made this for me tonight since I'll be leaving on Wednesday.

Ever wonder why in the world I'd leave my family and travel around the country alone in an RV? Well, every now and then I do too! LOL

So why am I doing it? Why would I leave the cake, and the family I adore? Because George spent a winter frozen at Valley Forge when he could have been sitting by the fire at Mount Vernon with his wife. Because John - a successful lawyer and deeply in love with his wife and a caring father - spent more than half his marriage away from his wife and family serving the brand new United States. Because the men and women of our armed forces endure hardship and disability, and risk their lives, to preserve and protect our country. So why should my comfort be so important?

Like all of them, I do this because I believe it's what I need to do. I believe it's my job, my duty. I believe to my core that unless we change the direction our country is headed, very hard circumstances will come - maybe sooner, maybe later - but come no doubt in my mind they will. And the only way I can live with myself, or look my wife, kids and friends in the eyes, is to do all I can to prevent that from happening.

I'll have warm cake on the other end of this journey, after we've done all we can to press our country's reset button.

Another very nice review of the book was posted on Amazon - we're up to ten 5-star reviews. Reviews are Incredibly helpful and important in today's online buying world. And very heartening, and personal, for me as an author to read the positive remarks from readers. Just a few more days and I'll get to introduce you to our new headquarters.