Truth and Lies

Posted by Sean at 8:49 PM on Dec 2, 2015



25 down, 340 to go. In Seattle.


As I discuss in the book, there are truths and there are lies, and a mixture of the two in-between. Every piece of information we receive rests on that scale somewhere. Most of the information we sift through each day doesn't really have that much impact on our lives. The score of the Celtics game, or that Yelp review about a local sandwich shop, or our friend's latest collection of cool Scottish castles on Pinterest - most is not significant to our long-term wellbeing, happiness and survival. But some pieces of information are vital to understand: don't eat rat poison, don't get drunk and drive, don't point a gun at a police officer, don't tell your wife she looks fat in anything (ever).

Well, here's another piece of information that's vital and not to be put in the same category as today's weather forecast: every dollar of our national debt, every injustice carried out by our government, every flaw in the way we educate our youth, every problem we have with our country - was caused by, is being caused by, and will continue to be caused by a person, or a group of people.

All the idiocies with our government, with our education system and with our country were not caused by a group of cats. A colony of beavers didn't ring up $18 trillion in debt. And likewise, neither did the trees or bushes outside your house. It wasn't the wind that did it, nor that storm last year.

It takes guts to swallow this piece of truth, I understand, but it's true whether we swallow it or not.

And you know the saddest - no, actually "most tragic" is a better descriptor - aspect of this piece of truth we don't want to swallow? By ignoring it, not accepting it, only liking to look at the bright side of things, and otherwise not coming to grips with and understanding it, we become an accessory to the extreme damage being done to ourselves, our friends and those who will inherit the country when we're gone.

Some days we talk about sleds and bagels, but some days we need to chew on a little hard truth.

The good news of understanding this information? If people caused (and continue to cause) the negative conditions in our country, then people (like us) can (and many of us do every day) cause very positive conditions to exist as well. In fact, there's no reason why people can't stop the destruction and even repair the damage that's been done too!

Today is my birthday. It's a day each year I find myself looking into the future, and thinking about what I want to happen during the coming year. My hope for this next year is very simple - that we the people realize our true role and power over our government, and that we have the courage to act to bring it back under our control.