Truth and Action

Posted by Sean at 12:28 AM on Nov 3, 2016



360 down, 6 to go. In Cleveland, Ohio.


Here are two out of a number of fundamental problems that stand in our way of keeping our republic healthy and thriving:

1. MISINFORMATION: I'm stunned by the amount of misinformation that is being taken as fact by so many. Too often I've seen "facts" posted on social media that are either entirely or partially false. News reporting is not what it used to be. Today, much of it is commentary versus the presenting of facts. Experts tell us what to think, and add their own philosophy and thoughts into the mix. It's all drama meant to keep us coming back for more, which means ratings and money for that organization.

2. INACTION: Too many aren't doing their jobs as citizens. Being a citizen of a free country has responsibilities that go along with it. The simplest is to vote in elections. But I think it's more than just that. Too many sit and complain and push around ideas and philosophies via social media. Keeping our country great also takes action and doing. It takes volunteering in the community. It takes sitting on a committee for your city parks or other aspect of your town. It takes actively helping others. It takes work and action.

The remedy is to seek out the truth always, and actively help others, your community and your country.