The Sled Stays

Posted by Sean at 8:12 PM on Nov 30, 2015



23 down, 342 to go. In Seattle.


As I mentioned yesterday, I'm deep into the disruption cycle. It's begun, so now we need to see it through. But what I didn't tell you is how much stuff got disrupted - an entire 10 x 20 storage unit full. And what was in that unit for the last two years doing nothing but getting older? Furniture from my childhood home. My parents died some years ago and it's a long story, but I ended up with a lot of their furniture. And after driving it half across the country and paying to have it sit in the dark for two years, over the last few days I gave almost all of it to Goodwill.

And I'll be honest with you - it wasn't easy getting rid of some of those pieces. Especially this one antique couch that was so comfortable and was in our house as long as I can remember.

But I held on to all those items despite them being of no use to me. Sure, I thought, someday I might need them. And somehow they probably comforted me. But in the end, they did nothing but cost me money.

Can I somehow tie this into pressing America's reset button? Almost too easily. We hold on to some old traditions the same way I couldn't let go of that furniture. For example, how about this grand tradition? Our government has overspent 72 times out of the last 84 years. Do we need to hang on to that one? Nope. Off to Goodwill with it! Here's another one: the Republicans have an age ol' tradition of bashing the Democrats, and the Democrats have loved bashing the Republicans for ages too. Has that helped us? Is that something we really need?

Look, just because something's been around for a long time doesn't always make it valuable. Yes, sure, it might comfort us, but short term comfort has gotten us to where we are today. We need to let go of the old, useless and damaging traditions, and start some new, healthy ones - see How To Press America's Reset Button for ideas.

At the top of the page is one of the few items I hauled across the country and stored for two years, and I still want to keep, but really have no use for. Should a boy ever give up his favorite sled? That sled and I had some fun over the years. He's an old friend. He stays.