Radio Shows

Posted by Sean at 12:48 AM on Oct 27, 2016



353 down, 13 to go. In St. Paul, Minnesota.


This is an image of Nelson a few days ago - it's such a cool picture I wanted to share it. Notice that his front wheels are off the ground, and the incredible sky!

We're 13 days out from the election. You may have already voted. I'm going to continue counting down to November 8, but I'll understand if you're completely fatigued on any subject having to do with politics - I am too.

Tonight I share with you two weeks of radio shows I did with George's station. George has been gone taking care of some personal business (which is why it took me so long to get the audio files) but I spoke to Bob, Charlie and others at the station. George is back this week and I'll be talking to him on Friday morning, 8:10 a.m. Eastern on WSMN AM 1590. You can listen live here:

Here are the shows from the last two weeks: