The Power of Words

Posted by Sean at 9:15 PM on Nov 18, 2015


11 down, 354 to go. In Los Angeles.


As part of my research for the book I searched and scoured for quotes. I had a great time doing this and usually spent way too much time researching about the person who said the quotes I found. I learned about many incredibly intelligent and well-spoken people.

And the more I read about these people - most of them powerful leaders - the more I felt I had a responsibility to at least try and do something to improve things. Many of those I learned about had made great sacrifices, so why shouldn't I try and do my part?

Many quotes I found never made it into the book. And so today I wanted to share one with you. But I warn you, it's only nine words long but packs an incredible punch.

"The time is always right to do what’s right."

These words were delivered by a man who was ultimately gunned down for doing what he felt was right.

Martin Luther King delivered these words in an address to students at Oberlin College in 1964.

The trick when reading them is to try not to let them mean anything to you, because if you don't, your life might go in a different direction - maybe a little or maybe a lot - and you might just start to take action where only ideas or dreams were before. And if you're not careful, you might find yourself writing a book and driving around the country for a year in a motorhome!

Today was a great day personally. It's supposed to be 80 degrees in Los Angeles tomorrow - I look forward to getting into cooler weather. I should be in Iowa two weeks from today.