Picking Up The Standard

Posted by Sean at 9:22 PM on Dec 4, 2015



27 down, 338 to go. In Seattle.


Every now and again someone comes along and picks up the standard (the flag used to show the rallying point of an army in battle - Collins Dictionary) and leads the charge. Every now and again someone comes along with an idea, or a way of presenting information, or a determined drive, or some other desirable, enthusiasm-inspiring characteristic and pushes forward with action that causes improvement.

George, Thomas, John, James and some others picked up the standard and led the 13 colonies away from Great Britain. President Lincoln led the charge to preserve our union, and Constitution. President Kennedy led to prevent missiles from arriving in Cuba. Susan B. Anthony for women's suffrage. Martin Luther King. Harriet Beecher Stowe. And Mandela. And Gandhi.

These are well-known examples. I'm sure you have your own, possible even people you know have done this, and maybe even you yourself at one point or another have set out on a quest and led the charge for improvement.

To make social change - big or small - there has to be four things in place: 1) a need for change, 2) a simple, understandable, achievable idea or way to bring about the desired change, 3) a person who can lead the struggle or movement in such a way as to achieve it and 4) the active involvement of others to provide help, support, defense, funds, and other valuable commodities, and ultimately to back up and bring overwhelming power and punch to the charge.

This is the part in our relationship where it might get a little uncomfortable, because if 1 exists for you, and you think that the idea in my book fulfills 2, and that I might be 3, then if you actually want the change in our government to occur, your job is to do 4, or the other three points matter not.

I woke up this morning feeling that feeling you get when you're on a roller coaster and you're climbing up the lifthill (official roller coaster term), and your stomach is tight, and you're excited but a bit nervous all at the same time. Well, I'm still on the lifthill nearing the top. But a week from today I'll drive our headquarters off the RV dealer's lot, and start heading to Iowa where I'll find out what's just over the crest, and the true steepness of that first drop.