People Rule

Posted by Sean at 9:10 PM on Nov 6, 2016



363 down, 3 to go. In Washington, D.C.


The big deal about our country from its inception was that the people rule, versus being ruled. It hadn't happened anywhere on Earth for almost 1700 years prior. It's always been a dream of mankind to be free from oppression. And the founders of our country made it so.

But I think it's apparent that the people are feeling again like they're being ruled. It's what I've heard in loud volumes as I've traveled the country.

Regardless of all the noise and negativity in our politics, the apathy of the electorate, and corruption in D.C., I will continue to work toward bringing back you and I ruling. That's my guiding principle and will be what I continue working toward.

On a seperate note, when I traveled through Phoenix, Arizona, back in June, I did an in-studio interview with Dave Isaac on KPHX 1480 AM. I've done numerous call-in interviews with Dave, but he had me in the studio live since I was in the area and we had some great fun. Due to technical difficulties, he just recently was able to get the interview posted on his website. You can listen to the show here: INTERVIEW WITH DAVE ISAAC.

Three days to go!