Our Relationship

Posted by Sean at 7:22 PM on Dec 3, 2015



26 down, 339 to go. In Seattle.


First, I want to thank you for reading this and following along. If you've read my book, you honor me as I know how valuable your time is - thank you.

And I don't take for granted our relationship. I know you can unsubscribe or quit reading my words at any time. You're likely still learning about who I am, what I'm really up to with all this, and figuring out if reading this (and/or my book) is a worthy investment of your attention.

I don't write these updates without closely considering how you might receive them. I try - and I know it's not fully possible to do so, but I try - to consider your point of view when I write, and when I reread and edit what I write, before sending it out to you, in an effort to ensure not only what idea or concept I'm trying to convey is as clear and understandable (and interesting) as possible, but also so I don't unnecessarily or unintentionally invalidate or trounce on your own core beliefs and principles.

But please also know that this journey we're on, to be effective, might get a little uncomfortable. I'll do my best to make it feel like a cozy Disney ride, but also know that what guides me, what guides my actions, and ultimately what guides what I say in this forum we have together, is the progress we're making toward the goal of reseting our government.

While my journey may make for an interesting blog, or be interesting to observe from the comfort of your home, the "journey" itself is not what we're really after here. What we're after is the result of the journey. Yes, let's make the journey fun (to keep our interest in it), but let's not forget that what we're trying to do is very possibly impossible. Ethan Hunt would probably find this mission impossible as well (I have to say, I like how that sentence went together there.)

So as we move forward, I'm hopeful our relationship will tolerate me cajoling you into action here and there, and getting you to look at and understand some things that might be hard to stomach. You see, it isn't possible for me to do this alone. I'm happy to lead the charge, but the reset will only happen if you are actively pushing forward right behind me.