This One's Different

Posted by Sean at 7:51 PM on Dec 8, 2015



31 down, 334 to go. In Seattle.


I've been on many adventures of various kinds so far in my life.

By the time I'd graduated from high school I'd been to Europe twice. In my third year of college I had the unique opportunity to spend a semester aboard a floating university that literally circumnavigated the globe. We attended classes as the ship sailed between ports, and traveled when it docked. Visiting China was just one of 12 countries we explored during that journey.

Then there was the journey I took for a number of years overseeing the security for a well-known family related to the music industry. At one point, when my client went on tour, my life was sleeping on a tour bus and waking up in a new town almost every day. I've been backstage at some of the most well-known music venues in the U.S. as well as most talk shows. Watching Nashville brings back many fond memories of life on tour.

I've also now been actively involved in the adventure of marriage for 26 years, and being a father for 24.

In the end I've seen babies born, and been at the bedside of those passing away. I've flown in private jets, and struggled to make rent. I've worked for a Senator, been in the White House, and met a sitting president. I've changed diapers, the oil in my car and careers (more than once). I've lost dear friends to death and disagreements, and met incredible new ones. I've stood on every continent on our planet but Antartica.

But this adventure I've conjured up, and that I'll accelerate tomorrow, in many ways has already been one of my most difficult. I've been avoiding this challenge for a long time. To you, I may seem like just another guy with an idea to change the country and who's doing his job promoting his book. But for me, it all feels very raw and I feel unprotected. I've pushed far past my normal boundaries on this one, occasionally uncomfortably recognizing the seemingly impossibility of accomplishing the goal I've set out to achieve.

But each day I get up and take another step. And tomorrow I'll do the same. And soon I'll get to hang out with Robot Man again, and start traversing our great country meeting new friends and continuing to push on. Because really, in the end, where's the fun in life without a little adventure? See you out there.