More Than A Logo

Posted by Sean at 7:04 PM on Dec 7, 2015



30 down, 335 to go. In Seattle.


We recently finalized the design of our logo and I wanted to show it to you. But there's a bit more to it than you might at first realize.

After all the research I did on the formative period of our country, I realized newly how incredibly rare, unique and special our constitution was at that time in history. Yes, there was the Revolutionary War, but after it was won another incredibly significant revolution occurred when our government was structured as a constitutional republic. Something that had been dreamed about, and theorized by the great thinkers of the time, but only rarely in history had it been attempted, and never had it endured for long. The drafting of our constitution was truly a historic moment.

And the idea that it established - that the people could rule over their government - swept across the world. Today most countries have some form of government that lets the people have a say in how it's run.

Then, as I was writing the book, I realized that if we're successful in resetting our government, the citizens of other countries may again follow our lead.

And so I hired an artist and asked her to come up with what might become the international symbol representing the idea of the people of any country taking back control of their government. My idea was that just like there's an international symbol for a hospital, or restroom, why shouldn't there be one for people resetting their government? I think she nailed it.

I've been working on my tentative route over the next several months. I'll be in Iowa this month. Most likely New Hampshire for part of January, depending on the weather. I'll probably then work my way down the East Coast hitting South Carolina before their primaries in the latter part of February and then continue south through George and into Florida by early March. If you have a motorhome, or even a tent, mount up, and let's go do this thing.