Making A Difference

Posted by Sean at 8:33 PM on Nov 26, 2015


19 down, 346 to go. In Seattle.


What more does anyone really want in life but to be worth something, to be of value or to make a difference, whether big or small? The feeling when you help someone, when you make them laugh or in some way ease their struggles is really what makes life worth living, isn't it? It's easy to get into a routine, to talk to the same people and extend yourself only to the same degree day in and day out.

But I challenge us all, especially during this Holiday Season, to do more for our fellow man. Opportunities to help and act kindly actually pop up all the time and when they do, I encourage us all to take advantage of them.

Not everyone is appreciative of the gesture, which is absolutely okay, and besides, getting a "thank you" isn't why we do it. But when it comes, it's like a bowl of chocolate chocolate-chip Haagen Dazs (you knew I was going to figure out how to get that into my note for tonight, didn't you?)

Even the smallest acts of kindness can make someone's day - opening the door for them, or making room for their car to merge in front of you, or just a friendly smile or a sincere thank you.

Here's something to try: consciously seek out things you can do to make someone else feel better, even if only a small amount. Pretend that it's officially "Be Kind to Humans Day" so you feel justified (in case you're struggling with it). But be careful, people will start wondering why you're smiling so much.

Today was a day spent with family. Having a wife and kids - brilliant, wonderful treasures.

I hope you had a good day as well. Tomorrow it's back to saving the country.