Look Who Was Happy To See Me

Posted by Sean at 9:47 PM on Dec 10, 2015



33 down, 332 to go. Outside Indianapolis.


Greetings from just outside Indianapolis, Indiana.

Today started with "embrace" and quickly proceeded to "wow" and then to "what am I doing again?" and "I have to learn how to pump antifreeze through the water lines, what?" to "this thing is fun to drive!"

I'll never forget today. Today was the day I got to see the real-live manifestation of a really big idea I dreamed up over two years ago. Today I stood in wonder and excitement looking at the mobile unit that will be my home and our headquarters for the next year. But what struck me so hard was that it was just an idea, made up out of thin air, and now there it was in front of me in all its glory.

It made me wonder if we aren't too quick to think we can't dream ideas and then make them happen, or if we aren't too quick to agree with the first person that thinks our idea might be "a little too much" or kind of "out there" or "not necessary." It made me wonder if we aren't really capable of pulling off most anything we dream up, but we've agreed we can't, or shouldn't. I've seen a dream become real, which means other dreams can become real, which just might mean your dreams can become real. Mine did, why not some of yours too?

Robot man was happy to see me, but don't tell him I was even happier to see him! Tomorrow Iowa. By the way, driving the RV is a BLAST