Just People

Posted by Sean at 12:59 AM on Oct 26, 2016



352 down, 14 to go. In St. Paul, Minnesota.


Most Americans are frustrated with their government. I know I am and if you're reading this you probably are too. Many of us also see the twisted game the media has been playing, reporting on the extremes and the shocking, and keeping us divided.

It's easy to think of the "government" and the "media" as things - giant creatures that meander about unchecked wreaking havoc wherever they tread.

But it's important we remember that individual human beings - people - are responsible for everything the government does, everything the media does. If we're $20 trillion in debt, it's because individuals made it so. If the news decides to spend all day focusing on something wacky one of the candidates said, it's because someone at that news organization made that decision.

None of the things we're unhappy about happened by accident, like a bus blowing a tire and running into a tree, or a natural disaster, like an earthquake leveling a town. If there's too much money flowing to our elected officials, it's because someone set it up that way and someone is not stopping it. If jobs are leaving the country, it's because someone made the decision to move jobs out of the country.

It's all done by humans, individuals, people. I think it's important we understand and remember this because it's not some big, all-powerful force causing all the problems. They're just being caused by people. And people can leave or be fired, and new, better people can take their place.