Posted by Sean at 7:27 PM on Nov 24, 2015



17 down, 348 to go. In Seattle.


This journey we're on is all about improving our country, right? But wouldn't it follow that if we improve ourselves, it might make it easier for us to improve it?

So I've decided that one of the things I'm going to be doing to improve myself is doing some kind of excercise every day I'm on this journey - all 365 days. Whether a run, swim, an intense bike ride or other exercise I do, I'll do something every day. And so far so good - 18 days down and 18 days of excercise. And it feels great!

Why don't you join me? We can do it together. Every day for the next 347 days, we each do some kind of excercise. But make sure you mix it up so you aren't working the same areas all the time. Do something that you enjoy, and try to get outside for some fresh air and lots of space. Only you'll know what the excercise should be, but it should be something that pushes you, and strengthens something in you physically, even if only a little.

And if you aren't careful, you soon might find that you have more energy, and that you're feeling better and stronger.

So let's get improving. You game?

Thank you to all those who donated in the last week - your contributions are very helpful and greatly appreciated!