Imagine The Ideal

Posted by Sean at 10:18 PM on Oct 31, 2016



358 down, 8 to go. In Chicago, Illinois.


Over my life I've found it helpful whenever I'm endeavoring to do something to find someone else who's already done it but to a very high quality, or extremely efficient or some other really good way. Doing this has helped me raise my standards and know what to work toward.

Unfortunately, we don't have another country on earth to look to in order to understand the best way to run a country. There isn't any ideal as far as governments are concerned for us to go look at - not even our own. So we need to rely on our imagination. And I implore you to use yours, because unless we all dream of a better, more just, more economically sound, more efficient, friendlier government, we're going to continue being divided, and the government will continue abusing its power, and overspending and our great culture will slowly die away in the world.

We can do better than what's happening in our country presently. But it's up to us, because it won't happen unless we the people make it so.