Freedom from Repression

Posted by Sean at 7:54 PM on Dec 1, 2015



24 down, 341 to go. In Seattle.


Today when I walked into our local bagel shop I immediately noticed a difference - someone behind the counter actual smiled and said "hello". It was a bit of a shock. The place was usually so grumpy. But after a few questions I learned the corporate office was about to shut the place down but decided to try a new manager at the store. In just two weeks that manager (pictured above) brought the store back to life and the company is no longer thinking of closing it - the immense value of friendly, interested, caring, hard working employees.

But then we started talking about our country and just below the surface, waiting to be voiced, was this:

“Part of the reason I don’t have children of my own is because the economy freaks me out. Because the state of today’s world freaks me out. To me it’s unfortunate that there are so many differences in the world. When I see a person, I see a person. I don’t see a color. I don’t see a sex. I don’t see an orientation in any way, shape or form. I don’t see any of that kind of thing. I don’t feel like everybody feels that way and we’re in the country where that’s how it’s supposed to be - freedom from repression. People don’t want to bring in these refugees - well what was America based off of? Refugees coming in. That’s a big deal to me.”

Our country is filled with people like this young woman - people that care about others and know that something isn't quite right. We're in this together whether we know it, agree with it, like it or not. We might as well work together and make the changes we need because I'm not sure who else is going to if we don't.