Posted by Sean at 6:34 PM on Nov 19, 2015


12 down, 353 to go. In Los Angeles.


According to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, “disruption” means “to prevent something from continuing as usual or as expected.”

On the surface, what I’m doing might look like an author desperately trying to make his mark: he writes a book that purports to have a way to influence our government and he buys a motorhome and drives it around the country looking for attention. Maybe he hopes he can sell a few books so when he writes his next one he might be able to get a publisher.

Any who think that’s what I’m doing is missing the mark by a mile. I’m not an author who found a gimmick to write about. I’m not hoping to gain some fame to expand my career.

Everything I’m doing is for one purpose: to cause disruption to the business-as-usual routine of our government in D.C.

And though our government is big, and it’s powerful, and it seems like something completely impenetrable and unmovable, it’s only what we say it is. It can only act as we say it can. It is only as powerful as we allow it to be.

I may be out front on this one. I may have put the words down on paper to hopefully wake up the sleeping giants lying dormant across our land. But in the end, this is a battle we all must wage.

So I invite you now – and I’ll continue to invite you as we go – to help me cause disruption to that way of operating in D.C. that is surely going to take us over the cliff at some point unless we do something to change it.

Progress was slow today. We need funds to get our website built. It was over 80 degrees this afternoon. I got home from running around doing errands and found my zipper down – how long had it been that way? Did anyone notice? How completely embarrassing.