The Dislodging Cycle

Posted by Sean at 7:21 PM on Nov 29, 2015


22 down, 343 to go. In Seattle.


Before I hit the road for the next year I've been making sure my wife is all set up in our home. We took out an old table I used for my work space and replaced it with a desk for her that we had in storage. That turned into us deciding to clean out the storage space to get rid of all the stuff we don't want or use. That led to us rearranging and replacing a number of items in our house.

One thing dislodged another, which then dislodge another. And all the while things have been a bit disarranged.

What we're doing by pressing the reset button is exactly the same. We're looking to start the dislodging cycle. We want to disrupt the normal pattern of business as usual in D.C. by doing something different and new. And not just any random different or new thing, but a ridiculously powerful different and new thing.

We just need to 1) know how to dislodge, 2) want it to happen, 3) make it happen, 4) know things will be a bit disarranged for a bit during the dislodgment and then 5) stay the course and continuing pressing the reset button until all settles as we want it.

It's all great in theory. It's a wonderful idea. But can we make it a reality?