Posted by Sean at 12:31 AM on Oct 25, 2016



351 down, 15 to go. In Cloquet, Minnesota.


As I think you've surmised by now, one of my objections to how things are operating in D.C. is the flow of money to our elected representatives. I think it's a natural and built-in corrupter.

I've always felt that if the American people really understood the power the lobby industry has over their representatives, they would certainly do something about it. But how to show them? So I decided to create a one-hour drama for television that would revolve around the lobby industry and each episode would have a true storyline running through it. Viewers could then go onto the show's website to learn what was true and what wasn't in each episode. I believe, like President Lincoln did: "Let [the people] know the truth and the country is safe."

The show was entitled DC LOBBY and got very close to being made. A variation of it went forward with an Emmy-winning writer, Ron Howard's TV company as producer, and a well-known actress as the lead. It went all the way up to the President of ABC TV who decided not to move forward with it.

Maybe it will live again one day!