Character Counts

Posted by Sean at 12:21 AM on Oct 22, 2016



348 down, 18 to go. In Bismarck, North Dakota.


Amazing scenery - impossible to capture on camera. Truly rugged and beautiful. I show more of it in today's video - click here to see it.

Too often I hear from others that some of the multitude of character flaws in the two primary candidates for president don't matter. Who cares if one of them groped a woman, or the other one lied about this or that? Who cares?! I do!

I think good character is vital in a true leader. I don't think he or she needs to be a saint, but I think they need to be morally straight. I think they need to respect others and treat them well. I think they need to be faithful to their partner, and uphold their responsibilities as a parent. I think they need to think of the good of the nation and its citizens first, and what's good for them second. Because I think by being flawed in any one area, it will tend to hurt their performance and strength in other areas.

At least that's what I want in the leader of my country.