Big Money

Posted by Sean at 12:11 AM on Oct 23, 2016



349 down, 17 to go. In Bismarck, North Dakota.


An article in the New York Times today revealed some of the big money that has flowed into this election. Of the groups supporting Hillary Clinton, $133 million has come from just 30 families for an average of $4.4 million per family. The organizations supporting Donald Trump have raised much less, though Republicans have traditionally raised more money than the Democrats.

Most people I talk to agree there's too much money going to our elected officials, and yet Congress does nothing to change it. It needs to be changed. We need to do it.

The image is of the Missouri River today - more on today's video.

And here is a link to a short interview I did on a local radio station when I went through Grant's Pass, Oregon, a couple weeks ago.