Posted by Sean at 9:31 PM on Nov 20, 2015


13 down, 352 to go. In Los Angeles.


“Attention” is defined as “notice taken of someone or something” according to the Oxford Dictionary.

Assuming the book is legible, makes sense and will ultimately lead to the result intended, then the next step is getting others to give it attention. First attention, then action.

And that’s the trick isn’t it. How do we get enough attention to hit a critical mass big enough to disrupt the entrenched, rigid pattern of business as usual in D.C?

Brilliant ideas come and go everyday that are completely unnoticed. They just didn’t get enough attention.

But we’re busy. Others are busy. There are so many things grasping for our attention (Coca Cola spent $7 billion last year to get our attention). Sometimes we just can’t imagine giving anything else our attention.

So, what do we do? Not try? Not push forward? We certainly don’t have $7 billion dollars. This exact point currently has my entire focus. We need attention if we’re going to make any kind impact in D.C.

Wanna help with that? Here’s what you can do. First, if you haven’t read the book, buy it or borrow it and give it a read. If you’ve read it, and like its message, tell others. It couldn’t be any simpler - just communicate. Post a review on Amazon, iTunes, Nook or Goodreads. You could make a social media post, or send an email. You could mail the book out to people you know encouraging them to read it. If you have a favorite radio or TV personality you listen to that you think might like the message in the book, send them a copy.

We need to ignite a fire that will spread and peak by Election Day (November 8, 2016).

Another way we can get attention is by having a top-tier website. I received an email from a subscriber who read we needed money for just that purpose and asked where she could make a donation. I won’t lie, that email made my day because I have the designer ready to start on the site this weekend. Your tax-deductible donation would be greatly appreciated to help with that. Click here to make a donation. There's also a "donate" button on our website. If you’d rather mail a check, our address is at the bottom of this email.

More good news - the book is now available in another bookstore - Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

It was 92 degrees in LA today. Tonight to Seattle for some family time. Bring on the cooler weather. I checked the zipper a few times today - it was up, thankfully.