A father was worried about what country his kids would someday inherit.
He felt duty bound to do something to improve it.
He researched ways he could make change and stumbled upon America’s reset button.
He wrote a book to share what he found.
He started a nonprofit to help bring the ideas in the book to life.
He set out across the country to tell others.
Today his journey continues...


In 2011, our founder, Sean Burke, found himself very concerned about the U.S. and what shape it would be in when his children got older and wanted to start a family and buy their own house.

On one particular day, as he was reading the news about how Congress was fighting amongst themselves regarding very important financial matters to do with the normal operation of our government, he had an epiphany: no one in Washington really knew what they were doing and if our country continued down the path it was on - and had been on for some time - things were not going to turn out okay after all.

This greatly worried him and so he decided he had to try and personally do something himself to help bring about positive change or not be able to look his children in the eye if things continued to deteriorate.

So he thought about what he could do. He researched, and looked, and studied. He considered putting together a march in Washington. He wondered if he should run for Congress himself to try to make change from the inside. He considered many of the traditional ways American's have tried to make change in the past.

But eventually he stumbled upon what he came to call American's reset button and realized he'd found a way to completely disrupt business as usual in D.C. and put our country onto a better path. He also recognized that he'd overlooked the reset button for much of his life, and that others would too unless he could walk them down the same path of discovery that he had taken. And so he sat down and wrote How To Press America's Reset Button which takes the reader down that path, and helps them see America's reset button for themselves, and how they can very simply press it themselves to help bring the country back under their control.


Sean Burke is the founder of the nonprofit Reset Our Gov, which encourages Americans to press the “reset button” and take back control of their country. He also founded the Paparazzi Reform Initiative, a privacy rights nonprofit responsible for passing four new privacy laws in California. Burke has appeared on such programs as the Today Show, the CBS Evening News and Sky News, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, as well as many others.



Reset Our Gov was founded by Sean to help bring the ideas laid out in his book to life. In the short term, the organization will help promote the book and expose its message to as many Americans as possible leading up to the national elections on November 8, 2016.

In the longer term, it will work in various ways to continue to educate and enlighten all Americans on their Constitution and their rightful position overseeing it and their government.


Reset Our Gov is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.